Privacy Policy

The website,, is part of the Development and Culture Network which in turn, is part of the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar -UTB- (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia) through the Departments of Economic and Administrative Sciences and Social and Human Sciences of that university.  From its beginnings to the present, both the network and the website have had the assistance of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation-Aecid-, the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and Cooperation and Girona University (Spain).  Since October, 2010 it has the support of the Organization of American States.  

The Development and Culture Network has as its objectives the incorporation of the cultural dimension in development policies in America and the Caribbean and also that of facilitating intercultural dialogue.  To achieve this it promotes society’s assumption of knowledge concerning the relations between development and culture with the objective of establishing theoretical bases which feed the incorporation of a new vision of development in the design and execution of public and private policies.  

One of the ways in which the D&C Network seeks to achieve the objectives it has defined is through the functioning of this website.  In this way the Development and Culture Network, through this website, gives the visitor basic information about:  

  1. Experts in the subject (professors, researchers, cultural administrators) who have expressed their desire to form part of the D&C Network.
  2. Academic programs (both from America as well as from different countries of the world) at the postgraduate level that have an interdisciplinary approach
  3. Experiences from community initiatives
  4. Books, articles, periodicals, other websites and legislation
  5. Activities and events (seminars, symposia, congresses) related to the relationship between development and culture.  This information is found under the headings “News” and “Agenda.”


The Development and Cultural website expressly states that it has no commercial objectives for the information contained in the former items and the only objective sought is to contribute to its dissemination.  Therefore, the sources from which the information was obtained are cited.  In the cases in which the information has been obtained from other websites, the name of the website is cited in a visible manner and a link is established for the URL.

Regarding the documents the “Experts,” the members of the “Academic Community” and the “Faculty” share with the visitors through the website, the Development and Culture Network understands that these are the work of their authors, that they in no way harm third parties in terms of authors’ or publication rights, and for which they will not receive any fees.


The website contains institutional information from three different entities: the D&C Network, the Ibero-American Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Culture and Development and the Master’s in Development and Culture, which are, each in its specific area, the owners of the information, which can be reproduced in part only when the sources are cited, and may not be utilized with economic or commercial objectives. 

The D&C Network as well as the L+iD and the Master’s have their own publications housed at this website in differing formats (books, series, periodicals and articles in PDF and videos).  These publications have as their purpose the contribution to the production of knowledge about the articulation of the cultural dimension in development.  Their complete reproduction or access from other websites is prohibited without the express, written authorization of said institutions.  Nevertheless, part of the contents of these publications may be cited, showing the source and URLs of origin, only if the objective is non-commercial.